4.0/4.1 Archive

Holo | Huawei Themes EMUI 4/4.1/5

Hi EMUIers Download The Holo Theme for your EMUI 4/4.1/5 OS How To Apply it? Download it from below link Move the downloaded file

Pixel Invert | Huawei EMUI 4/4.1/5 themes

Hi EMUiers Download Pixel Invert Theme for EMUI 4/4.1/5 users Apply this theme and restart your device for fully functionTheme Information Name: Pixel Invert

Xiaomi MI6 | THEMES For EMUI 4/4.1/5

Hi EMUIers Get Ready to Experiance the MIUI On EMUI 4/4.1/5 Just Download the Theme and Apply it on your EMUI 4/4.1/5 powered device

Superheroes | EMUI 4/4.1 | Huawei Theme

HI EMUIersDownload Superheroes Theme for EMUI 4/4.1 Enhance your EMUI 4 Look To Superheroes CharactersDownload theme and do a restart for fully functionWhat’s new?*New Design*New

Blue Glow Dark EMUI 4/4.1 Theme

HI EMUIersDownload Blue Glow Theme for EMUI 4/4.1Enhance your EMUI 4 Look To Pixel Icons And Blue Glow LayoutsDownload theme and do a restart

Pixel Dots_v2| EMUI 4/4.1 THEME

Hi EMUIersDownload EMUI Pixel Dots ThemeFor EMUi 4/4.1 Users Whats New!! New Lockscreen New Layout of notification panelNew Networks Icons New Layouts!! EMUI5 Users Visit Here!! Theme InformationName:

Samsung S8 EMUI 4.X Huawei Theme

Hi EMUIersDownload Samsung S8 EMUI 4.X ThemeThis is Prerelease , and In BetaMore version will come Widget Samsung S8, Download from here EMUI 5 Users

Hygenic EMUI 4.X Theme

Hi EMUIersDownload EMUI Hygenic Dark ThemeFor EMUi 4.X Users  Whats New!! New Lockscreen New Layout of notification panelNew BatteryNew Networks Icons  Theme InformationName: HygenicFormat: .hwtSize:17.8MbEditor: EMUICompability:

IOS 10 Custom Texture Theme EMUI 4.x

Hi EMUIersDownload for EMUI 4.x, IOS 10 Custom Texture ThemeThis theme have crayon Like Texture IconsSystem Application have been themed EMUI 5 User visit

Dextor EMUI 4.X Huawei THEME

Hi EMUIers Download Dextor Theme For EMUI 4.X users Firstly This theme only available for EMUI 5 users And now this available for EMUI 4.x users